15/5 Mbps

$55 per month


  • Video Streaming
  • Work from Home/Distance Learning
  1. Bandwidth numbers listed represent the maximum data rate available for the purchased level of service. No minimum data rate is guaranteed.
  2. Installation fee of $150 is a one-time charge that includes installation and setup of a HR Co-op provided router, outdoor Subscriber Unit, all necessary cables, and setup of one PC. Cabling to and setup of additional computers, other devices (game console, etc), or other requested work may result in additional charges.
  3. The installation fee can be billed all at once or billed in 3 equal installments of $50.
  4. We bill 1 month ahead. Internet charges are prorated on the first bill from your connect date to the normal billing date plus 30 days. Closing bills are prorated from the last billing date to the disconnect date.
  5. Charges may be assessed for site visits to identify and/or resolve issues not attributable to HR Co-op provided equipment.
  6. One complimentary wireless router is provided at the time of installation with no monthly “rental” or maintenance fee. Routine router replacements or upgrades are not covered in the monthly service fee. Replacement routers can be supplied by HR Co-op with a 1-time fee, or a replacement router may be supplied by the customer. HR Co-op support is available to assist with the initial configuration of a customer-supplied router.