Manager’s Message – September 2022

Dear Members,

Libby Calnon headshotAs your member-owned cooperative, our goal is to provide affordable, reliable service and to charge rates based on the cost of serving you.

For electric customers, our rates are set based on what it costs to serve each class of members, including homes, small commercial operations, large commercial operations, farms and irrigation services.

During the next few months, we will review our electric rates with this goal in mind. We last raised rates in April 2017 and have been happy to be able to hold them steady for more than five years. Our residential rates are about 30% below the state average—saving you money every month. We expect to be able to continue to offer you savings for years to come.

Recently, however, inflation has affected our operations in more challenging ways. Costs for materials, fuel and other expenses have been climbing. With these increases in mind, we are conducting a cost-of-service analysis and rate study this fall to evaluate if we are collecting sufficient revenue and if our rates are structured properly to ensure each class of member is charged based on what it costs to serve them.

If any changes are called for, I anticipate we will implement them next spring. I will provide updates once the process concludes later this fall. I want to reassure you we are working to serve you efficiently and control costs to continue to provide you savings.

One way we work to help you save is through our energy-efficiency rebate program. We offer rebates for energy-efficiency upgrades for insulation, windows, heating systems, water heaters and more. To find out what rebates you might be eligible for, visit our Rebates page.

On a final note: We are heading into harvest season, and the next school year is kicking off. As we transition toward fall, our line crews will continue to maintain the distribution system and trim and remove trees growing near our lines, so winter snow and ice are less of a problem.

As you travel the valley, please drive slowly and keep an eye out for farm trucks, utility workers and schoolchildren heading back to the classroom. Thank you for driving carefully and obeying our flaggers and traffic signs in work zones. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous fall.

General Manager
Libby Calnon