Manager’s Message — September 2020

Dear Members,

Libby CalnonOn August 12, a wildfire in the Mosier area threatened the Bonneville Power Administration transmission line that serves our Odell, Pine Grove, and Eastside Road-area members. BPA de-energized the power line to protect firefighters, causing an outage that lasted several hours. We appreciate your patience during the outage, and want to remind you of a few resources you should use to get information about outages and other local emergencies.

  • HREC Facebook Page — We update our Facebook page regularly during major outages. We also use it to provide information for members about our programs and services. We encourage you to follow us on our Facebook page.
  • Everbridge — Hood River County uses the Everbridge alert system to send citizen notifications regarding storms, outages, and other emergencies. We encourage you to register at the Everbridge Hood River Citizen Alert website.
  • Special needs — If someone in your home has special needs, such as relying on electricity to run life-sustaining medical equipment, it is even more important to register with the county’s Everbridge system. This helps our local agencies know who might need extra assistance during outages, storms, and other emergencies. We encourage you to sign up at the Everbridge Hood River Citizen Alert website.
  • Be ready for outages — When outages hit, we work as quickly as safety allows to restore your service. But restoration sometimes depends on repair work that must be completed by BPA or Pacific Power. During major storms with multiple trouble spots, repairs can take a few days. That’s why we encourage you to prepare in advance. A home emergency kit can help you and your family stay safe and comfortable while we complete our repair work. To learn about preparing for winter weather, visit our Outage Preparation page.

On behalf of all of us at HREC, we wish you a safe and happy fall.

Libby Calnon
General Manager