Manager’s Message – May 2023

Internet Speed Test: We Need Your Help

Libby CalnonDear Members,

Just as electric cooperatives help ensure reliable, affordable electricity is available to all, for the past 2 decades Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op has worked to make high-speed internet access equally ubiquitous and affordable.

Oregon’s rural communities have an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the state’s allocation of forthcoming federal broadband infrastructure funding—potentially as much as $700 million.

The Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association—comprised of Oregon’s 18 electric cooperatives, including HR Co-op—is cooperating with Faster Internet Oregon to help ensure the funding needed to improve broadband infrastructure and services goes to the communities that need it most.

To do so, it is necessary to gain a clear picture of current broadband services across the state. We must make that data available to funding decision-makers and help co-ops pursue grant funding for high-speed broadband projects.

Faster Internet Oregon is a statewide home internet speed test that gathers real internet availability and speed data. This information is critical to assessing the need in rural areas of the state, including in our community. Rural Oregonians would benefit from faster,
more affordable connectivity to support digital education, telehealth, job training and economic development.

The amount of funding Oregon can receive is directly related to the accuracy of Oregon’s map.

Please take the speed test. The availability survey and internet speed test take less than a minute to complete. They are a fast, easy way to support the development of high-speed connectivity for our communities.

Go to the Faster Internet Oregon website to take the speed test or report that you do not
have internet access at your home or business. You can view the map with data collected
thus far.

Decisions are being made on funding now, so please don’t hesitate. For more
information, email Faster Internet Oregon .

Libby Calnon
General Manager