Manager’s Message – April 2022

Dear Members,

We were glad to see many of you at our annual membership meeting March 16. Following is a brief summary of the annual meeting and 2021 report of operations.

Lisa Perry
Chris Wells

John McGhee was reelected to our board. Lisa Perry and Chris Wells were elected to their first terms, replacing longtime directors Doug Mahurin and Patrick Moore, who chose not to run again.

In her candidate statement, Lisa said, “Growing up in Hood River and reading the Ruralite publication in my adult years has led me to believe there is something very special about Hood River (HR) Electric & Internet Co-op. The reliability, fair rates, and customer service help make the co-op unique. I would love to better understand this important asset to our community.”

In his candidate statement, Chris said, “I want to protect the resources of Hood River and the residents and businesses that have made this valley their home. I have been taught by the ‘old-timers’ that participation in local boards of directors is considered a way to give back. I believe this is true and think that participation in groups that impact way of life is a wise aspiration.”

Members approved bylaws changes at the meeting. The most significant changes were to the elections process. In the future, members will have more options for voting. The updated bylaws are available on our Bylaws page.

During the reports, we noted both our electric and our internet divisions made progress on important projects and had solid financial performances in 2021. Based on our operating results, our board of directors took action at its February 2022 meeting to allocate $911,099 in patronage capital for the electric division for 2021 and $116,832 in patronage capital for the internet division for 2021.

We also retired $918,587 in capital credits in 2021. We returned 100% of the 2010 patronage capital allocation, 25% of the patronage capital allocation for electric division members, and the remainder of the 2016 patronage capital allocation for internet division members.

We are all hopeful that for next year’s annual meeting, we can gather once again at the fairgrounds for pie and fellowship. Until then, we wish you a safe and happy year.

General Manager Libby Calnon