Help Shape Policy Decisions

You can help shape policy decisions that impact our co-ops

By ORECA Grassroots Committee Co-Chairs Courtney Cobb, Central Electric Cooperative; and Jon Kloor, Consumers Power Inc. 

America’s energy system is going through a fundamental transformation. Much of the focus in Salem and Washington, D.C., is on large utilities in urban areas. Electric cooperatives are fundamentally different.

Whether you live in a busy suburb or the most rural parts of Oregon, your local electric co-op is closely aligned with the needs of your family and neighbors.

Energy affordability and reliability means different things to different communities. Members living in co-op service territories have a different set of challenges than utility customers living in more populated areas.

In the current political landscape, we need your help putting a human face on the opportunities and challenges facing America’s rural electric cooperatives and the communities they serve.

In partnership with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op has joined a new network—ORECAAction, powered by Voices for Cooperative Power—to help members like you tell your story to our elected officials.

We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to state and national policies. Challenges such as access to broadband and energy affordability require flexible solutions that help local co-ops serve their members best.

The same is true for energy security and dependability. Diversifying energy sources, collaborating on new technologies, and balancing progress with affordability and access are important priorities for VCP advocates lobbying at the state and federal levels.

As local electric co-ops, we continue to champion common-sense policies that reflect the needs of our members and the communities we call home. When you become an advocate, you can speak up on issues that impact your electric co-op and send a message to elected officials about the needs of our community—and their constituency.

VCP makes it easy to have a say in energy policy decisions that impact you, providing updates and information on how to contact elected officials and government agencies on proposed legislation or regulations. You choose the issues most important to you, including renewable energy, resource adequacy, energy efficiency and rural development.

The most important voices to elected officials are those of their constituents. We want to make sure members like you, who care about our community and our co-op, are heard in Salem and in Congress.

Use the power of your voice to help us make a difference. Get involved today on the ORECA Action website