Free Energy Savings Kit

Have you requested a free Energy Savings Kit?

We’re continuing to do all we can to support your efforts to save energy. Since every little bit helps, we hope this offer of a free Energy Savings Kit will help lower your energy bill and brighten your day.

Visit our HREC Energy Kit form webpage or call (503) 907-2903 to request your free Energy Savings Kit. Supplies are limited, so act now.

talking box with heart illustrationYour kit will include:

  • 8 LED bulbs
  • 2 power strips
  • 1 shower head
  • 2 aerators

Did you know LED lightbulbs use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs? To maximize your savings, use these LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs in high-use areas. Load-sensing power strips save energy by turning off connected devices such as speakers and monitors when you turn off your TV or computer. Showerheads and aerators save both water and the energy used to heat the water.

Funding for the kit is provided in partnership with Bonneville Power Administration.