Service Details

What Makes This Service Different?

Our Infrastructure

  • Fiber-Optic infrastructure is fully owned and operated by Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op, but is not available in all areas
  • Wireless infrastructure services are also fully owned and operated by HR Co-op, and are available in most areas in the Hood River Valley

Multiple Users

  • Wired and/or wireless home networking is enabled by the provided firewall/router
  • Multiple users may connect to the Internet simultaneously – without additional monthly cost

No Contract or Penalty for Cancellation

  • No minimum term of service or contract is required
  • There is no penalty for cancellation of service
  • If you choose to cancel the service for any reason we ask that you return the inside equipment (router, power supplies, power/network module & attached cables)
  • We may schedule removal of your outside subscriber unit if necessary

Seasonal Rates

  • HR Co-op offers a seasonal rate for part-time residents where we will leave the equipment installed set to a limited speed for a reduced monthly rate
  • Prevents repeated setup/activation fees and possible service calls
  • Allows you to resume your service at full speed on a specified date or with just a call into the office

Terms of Service

  • By accepting service from Hood River Electric & Internet Co-op, you are consenting to our Terms of Service
  • A copy of the Terms of Service will be provided at the office when signing up for service