Residential Internet

Fiber to the Home Speed & Rates

25/10 Mbps

$35 per Month
  • HD Video Streaming ready
  • Ideal for VoIP and Video Conferencing

50/15 Mbps

$55 per Month
  • 4K Video Streaming Ready
  • Ideal for Work from Home Or Distance Learning
  • Good for Gaming
Fastest Speed

100/20 Mbps

$75 per Month
  • 4K Video Streaming Ready
  • Ideal for Work from Home AND Distance Learning
  • Perfect for Gaming

Fiber Optic Network

  • Hood River Electric Cooperative (HREC) owns and operates a fiber-optic network
  • Runs the length of the Hood River Valley from Parkdale to the waterfront in Hood River
  • Points-of-Presence in Parkdale, Odell, and Hood River
  • HREC has redundant upstream providers for reliability and flexibility


  • Direct Fiber-Optic Connections for internet access and ethernet transport
  • Available in many locations in the Hood River Valley
  • Fiber to the home available in some areas

Installation Pricing

  • The footprint of our Fiber Optic network is constantly expanding
  • Construction costs will vary depending on distance, terrain, and existing infrastructure
  • Call for an installation pricing estimate

Wireless Speed & Rates

Wireless Network

  • HREC operates a network of fixed-wireless antennas installed at strategic locations throughout the Hood River Valley
  • We are able to provide internet service to most of the areas throughout the Hood River Valley
  • Provides a wireless alternative to wired Internet access solutions such as DSL and Cable modems