What is the Wireless internet service?

Wireless internet describes how we get the internet from us to you. We have access to towers in strategic places around the Hood River Valley. We then mount an antenna to the outside of your house/business that connects to one of those towers.

What is the Fiber Optic internet service?

Fiber Optic internet describes how we get the internet from us to you. Fiber Optic is a cable that uses light to transmit information instead of the old method of using electricity. Once the Fiber Optic cable gets to your house/business, it is converted to the more widely adopted Cat5 cable to get the service inside your house.

Can I request a new router?

If you believe that your router may be having issues, give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form and we will take a look at your account. If we believe that the router may be the issue, a new router can be provided by us for $75 or you may purchase your own.

Can I use my own router?

In most cases you can use your own router. You will just need to call us and get a couple pieces of information to put into the router.

Can I change my WiFi password?

In most cases you will need to give our office a call and provide your new password. We will then change it and verify that you can reconnect.

I reset my router, now my internet doesn’t work.

By resetting your router, you removed the settings that we put in that allow it to connect to our system and get your specific settings. You will need to bring your router into our office and have us reprogram it.

Does HREC provide email?

Yes! We provide 2 emails per account. If you would like more emails please give our office a call for pricing.

Why is my internet slow?

See if anything else is using the internet and turn them off. Game consoles and computers downloading updates can saturate your entire service. If that does not help you may need to restart your router, just disconnect the power from the router for about 10 seconds then plug it back in. If your internet is still slow, give us a call and we can help you troubleshoot your service.