Heat Pump & Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

For a limited time, we are offering rebates on high-efficiency air-source heat pumps (for homes with ductwork) and ductless heat pumps (for homes without ductwork). All systems must be installed by qualifying contractors. Rebates are available now through July 2021, subject to available funding.

Rebate Amounts

  • Air-source heat pump – existing home with electric heat but no heat pump: $1,900
  • Air-source heat pump – new construction: $700
  • Ductless heat pump – existing home with electric heat: $1,300
  • Ductless heat pump – new construction: $1,000

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For More Information

Contact Efficiency Services Group (ESG) at (888) 883-9879 or email ESG for more information about this program and the rebate qualifications.