This service is available for Irrigation or Drainage pumping, Frost Fans, or similar equipment at either three-phase or single-phase at available voltage. Motors in excess of 10 horsepower (HP) must be three-phase. Motors of one HP and below should be single-phase.


  • Fixed charge for season: $29 per horsepower, but not less than $58
  • Energy charge per season: 8.30 cents per kilowatt-hour

Meter Reading & Billing Dates

The Fixed Charge is payable on the due date for the May billing of each year or on the date of connection for the first year plant is used. Meters will be read on or about October 15 and the bill for the Energy Charge will be payable within 15 days after the date of issuance.

Minimum Annual Bill

The minimum annual bill will not be less than the Fixed Charge.

Rules & Regulations

Services under this schedule are subject to the Customer Service Policies on file in the Cooperative’s office.