Commercial and industrial lighting is considered when there is more than 50 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) and over of transformer capacity.


This service is available for any and all use, supplied at one point of delivery at a single voltage and phase. Energy supplied under this rate shall not be sub-metered for resale to others.


  • Energy charge: 4.70 cents per kilowatt-hour
  • Demand charge: $5.50 per kilowatt (kW) per month for each kW or fraction thereof

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be $3.70 per kW of the highest billed demand during the 11 months immediately preceding the current month; but, not less than $100.

Primary Service

For customers taking service at primary distribution voltage and who own and maintain the transformers, switches, protective equipment, etc. necessary for service, the charge at the above rates will be reduced by 5%.

Where the Cooperative owns and maintains the transformers, switches, protective equipment, etc., necessary for service and all such equipment is located together at one transformer bank or installation, charges will be at the foregoing rates. When more than one transformer bank location is required, 50 cents per month per kVA of such transformers required in excess of those at the first transformer bank location will be added to the foregoing rate.

Determination of Demand

Demand measurement will be made by suitable instruments at the point of delivery. Demand for any month shall be defined as the kilowatt delivery during the 15 minutes period in which the consumption of energy is the greatest during the month for which determination is made.

Adjustment of Demand Charges for Power Factor

Demand charges will be adjusted for customers to correct for average power factors lower than 95%. Such adjustments will be made by increasing the demand charge 1% for each 1% or major fraction thereof by which the average power factor is less than .95 lagging or leading.

Contract Requirements

Customers taking service under this schedule may be required to execute a contract for a minimum term of one year.

Rules & Regulations

Service under this schedule is subject to the Customer Service Policies on file in the Cooperative’s office.