Commercial & Industrial


Available to any members requiring 50kVA of capacity or more at a single point of service at a single voltage and phase. Electricity purchased at this rate may not be resold to others.


  • Energy charge: 4.70 cents/kWh
  • Demand charge: $5.50 per kilowatt (kW) per month for each kW or fraction thereof

Minimum Monthly Charge

$3.70 per kW during the period of greatest usage over the previous 11 months. Minimum charge is $100.

Primary Service

A 5% rate reduction may be available if the member owns and maintains transformers, switches, and other related equipment.

Some locations may require expanded services, such as additional co-op owned and maintained transformer banks. The power provided by each transformer bank is rated in kilovolt-amps (kVA). For each additional transformer bank, there will be an added rate of 50¢ per kVA monthly.

Determination of Demand

Demand is calculated by measuring the highest energy usage during the billing period, as measured in 15-minute intervals.

Adjustment of Demand Charges for Power Factor

Power factor measures energy efficiency at a location. The higher the power factor percentage, the more efficient that location’s usage is. To correct for locations with power factors lower than 95%, the co-op will adjust the demand charge. For each 1% a member’s power factor is below 95%, the co-op will add a 1% demand charge to the power rate.

New Large Loads

These rate schedules shall not apply to any new facility or expansion of an existing facility which will result in an increase in power requirements of 0.25 average megawatts or more in any consecutive 12-month period. Special rates shall apply. Contact us for details.

Contract Requirements

Members receiving power under this rate schedule may be required to sign a service contract of at least one year.

Rules & Regulations

Service under this schedule is subject to the Customer Service Policies on file in the Cooperative’s office.